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If you dont like it... Suck Shit!!!

Usually people just rabble about why they built their website here. All I want to say is....  KISS MY ASS!!! - Rohan

This is a photo of chicken-head Man. See his other demented friends in the photos pages Im also gunna put photos of other stuff here too one day.

maybe some of Dodge vipers, or T-maxxes or just more uglies!

Im hoping to get heaps of ugly photos as well as other things to do. If You suggest it, it could happen.

I might put some games here as well. Find some good ones and tell me.

If you found this website, you,ve stumbled across one of the most useless sites ever


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More Pictures

more pictures of ugly people coming soon.


Go to the ugly people page and have fun seeing the most fucked up pictures i could find. These people look like Shit!!! i think they may have been exposed to some form of radioactive waste??

press here to see the worst ugly of them all (if it doesnt work try again)

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